Bench desks

    Bench desks have been a popular choice for businesses over the last 10 years, and there are many advantages of using a shared component desk system. Here are some benefits if you are thinking about switching from the more traditional desk styles:

    1. Cost
    Bench desks share components which reduces the amount of metalwork required. With metal being the most expensive material in desk production, a reduction in the matalwork has the effect of reducing the cost per workstation. In large layouts, the savings can be significant.

    2. Design
    Aesthetically bench desks have always been regarded as a more contemporary option. The square design and minimilist leg detail have always suited modern offices, and as buildings are generally straight edged, it is easy to efficiently plan the geometric design of bench desks.

    3. Shared accessories
    Due to the shared nature of components, centrally located cable management can also be shared, reducing the quantity and therefore cost of accessories.

    4. Space efficient
    A rectangular footprint can reduce the required floor space compared to an equivalent sized radial desk. In fact, as a direct comparison, the same length rectangular desk uses 20% less space than a radial.

    To put this theory to the test, we recently worked with a law firm in Exeter to increase the occupancy of their office. By designing the layout using bench desks with mobile pedestals, we managed to plan in another 12 workstations increasing their occupancy from 36 to 48, an impressive 35%.