Office trends - Away from the Desk, from Orangebox

    This is a range from UK manufacturer Orangebox. With the rise in workplace technology and mobile ways of working, more businesses are realising the potential of products that give their employees options within the main working environment. So what is the intention here?

    The vast majority of office workers are still tied to a fixed workstation of some form, however as the new generation of employees start to dominate the workplace, they will bring with them a higher demand for an office space that works around them and their requirements. That means a more engaging, connected and mobile office.

    Karris are currently designing offices that incorporate fixed workstations, breakout areas, meeting areas and collaborative spaces within a main open plan area that gives employees the option to move away from their desk. However, as the workplace changes our designers will be challenged to provide layouts that not only give staff options to move around, but actually allow them to relocate their working day to another area of the office.

    And this is where ranges like ‘Away from the Desk’ come in. Here we have a range that offers 16 different product types, each available in an extensive range of sizes and colour options, which gives the opportunity to design almost endless configurations depending of the type of task being carried out.

    So offices of the future (and in some cases the present) will no longer feature rows of fixed workstations, but instead offer a combination of soft seating, enclosed booths, small and large meeting areas and hot desking to allow employees to choose whether they want to work alongside the team or by themselves. This not only ensures that workers remain comfortable in their surroundings, but it also promotes a healthy and more active work life.

    We will be covering more about this change in culture in future ‘Office trends’ articles, but for now it’s worth taking a look at ranges like ‘Away from the Desk’ and how it might work for your business, as workplace trends are certainly steering manufacturers down this route over the next few years.