10 reasons to refurbish

    1. Avoid relocation
    Refurbishing your existing premises and releasing its full potential lets you create a more space effective layout, removing the need for expensive & disruptive relocation

    2. Expansion
    Expansion often puts pressure on seemingly maximised spaces, so a refurbishment can allow you to re-organise & maximise the use of your premises

    3. Contraction
    In a tough economy contraction can be a necessity. If you need to re-organise your space to accommodate fewer employees, why not introduce new ways of collaborative working

    4. Generate income
    By being more space efficient, refurbishment may offer you the opportunity to create rentable space. Create serviced offices, meeting rooms or sub-let accommodation to generate income

    5. Upgrading
    If your offices are looking dated, why not upgrade to an environment more modern & appealing to twenty first century workers & customers? Your premises can increase business, productivity & opportunity.

    6. Branding & image
    Refurbishing your offices will create a positive long-lasting first impression for your customers. Whether you extend your company brand or choose a neutral environment, you can create a fresh & inspiring new image

    7. Staff retention
    High staff morale has a positive impact on the productivity of your business, in turn giving a greater return on your investment. Creating an interesting & modern workplace will make your staff feel valued as well as attracting & retaining a higher caliber of employee

    8. The environment
    By sending out a good environmental message you will not only look ethical, but also in touch with current affairs. A refurbishment gives you the opportunity to use ethically sourced materials & energy efficient systems that will help to create a greener business

    9. Legislation
    A refurbishment or upgrade to your premises now will ensure that your property complies with both current & future legislation in terms of efficiency, spatial requirements & building regulations

    10. Health & safety
    As part of your office refurbishment, all aspects of health & safety will be addressed to ensure compliance. A safe working environment creates a more positive atmosphere for your staff